Seek Adonai

“Here’s the point. Have you been honest and straightforward in making Avimelek king? Have you been fair with Yerub`al (Jerubbaal) and his household and treated him as he deserves?”
Judges 9:16 CJB

The answer to both these questions is no! They shouldn’t have made Avimelek king because God gave then judges to rule and they treated Jerrubbaal terrible which God dislikes! We, as believers, need to treat people with respect, seeking God on all our decisions and accept the rulers God places over us no matter how hard it may be!

“When you seek Me, you will find Me, provided you seek for Me wholeheartedly.”
Jeremiah 29:13 CJB

This is what we need to be doing is seeking Adonai wholeheartedly in everything not to get our way but to see His way!

“God, your way is in holiness. What god is as great as God?”
Psalm 77:13 CJB

The answer is there is no god or leader greater than our God! Today, before we do anything we should seek God!
Have a blessed day walking with Yeshua!

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