What We Do

Helping believers in Jesus to know their Hebrew roots!

Our desire is to teach and share our roots in Judaism and how we are grafted into what the Lord started!

We currently have multiple short teaching videos. Bobby also teaches a weekly bible college class in South East Asia via Skype and is available to book at your church or home group!

“How odd of God to choose the Jews!” Someone answered “But odder still are those who choose the Jewish God, but hate the Jews.” -William Ewer (British journalist 1885-1976) His quote unfortunately represents a church and worldview that is Biblically incorrect. We believe through Grafted In, the Lord is helping us to correct this way of thinking.

What we do in Israel is, paint and clean bomb shelters in the city of Kiryat Shemona. Isha, Daniel, Charity and I have been doing this for the last ten years! We’ve led several hundred believers in doing this amazing ministry! Also we have been working with some local ministries in Israel doing various projects, “Beautiful land initiative” in Tiberius just cleaning trash in the community and working with IDF soldiers in a town near the West Bank, delivering combat gloves, medical kits and comfort! We also tour doing bible studies and taking our groups to off the beaten path places!

On a Grafted in trip you’ll get ministry opportunities, you’ll eat and shop with the locals and see and meet people that you wouldn’t on a normal trip! We also help put groups together, that don’t think they be able to make a Israel pilgrimage!

Contact us for more information!

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