Do life Gods way

“Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, This is the regulation from Torah which Adonai has commanded. Tell the people of Israel to bring you a young red female cow without fault or defect and which has never borne a yoke.”
Numbers 19:1-2 CJB

What we need to see here is we are to do everything that Adonai tells us to do, no matter how weird or difficult it may be! Also, when we do what Adonai tells us, we are not to give Him our leftovers, but our best!

“Give Adonai the glory due to His name; bring an offering, and enter His courtyards.”
Psalm 96:8 CJB

Even when Adonai asks us to give, it is always out of what He has already given us! When we follow and do His ordinances, He always supplies what we need!

“Adonai is God, and He gives us light. Join in the pilgrim festival with branches all the way to the horns of the altar.”
Psalm 118:27 CJB

Today, as we go through the day, know that as we follow Adonai, He will supply all our needs as we go!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom!

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