The LORD’S way is better!

“See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse-the blessing, if you listen to the mitzvot (command) of Adonai your God that I am giving you today; and the curse, if you don’t listen to the mitzvot of Adonai your God, but turn aside from the way I am ordering you today and follow other gods that you have not known.”

Deuteronomy 11:26-28 CJB

A great way to start out a new week is by doing what the LORD says and things will go well or you can do your own thing and things won’t go well (cursed)! This is a great warning full of great truths!

If you love Me, you will keep my commands.”

John 14:15 CJB

Here is the key: when we love someone, we don’t make excuses why we can’t, we just do! The problem “in my opinion” is believers love the LORD, but look for loopholes in His word to justify bad behavior so they can do questionable things to feel good about themselves! Be careful!

“For My thoughts are not you thoughts, and your ways are not my ways, says Adonai.”

Isaiah 55:8 CJB

Today, be careful of trying to make your ways work out! Seek the LORD and His ways, which will always be right even when His ways may not fit with what we think we want. Have a blessed day walking in the blessings of the LORD, not the cursing of the world.

Walk in the light

“Yeshua spoke to them again: I am the light of the world; whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.”

John 8:12 CJB

How true! When we follow the LORD, we will always be filled with His light and His life! Be careful of following ministries, building projects and church leaders. It may seem good, but often times will leave you empty and lifeless!

“How happy are the people who know the joyful shout! They walk in the light of Your presence, Adonai.”

Psalm 89:15 CJB

Whatever may be going on in our lives, things will always be best when we walk in His light! Not the artificial light of the world, His light which gives us life, filled with His joy!

“But if we are walking in the light, as He is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of His Son Yeshua purifies us from all sin.”

1 John 1:7 CJB

Today, we really need to focus on the LORD and walk in His light. Life can have many ups and downs and really be hard, but life will always go better when we are focused on the LORD! Have a blessed day in Him.

Living water

“Whoever puts his trust in Me, as the Scriptures says, rivers of living water will flow from his inmost being!”

John 7:38 CJB

This is what we need to do is put all our hope and trust in the LORD! No matter how things look, if we just trust Him, it will always work out!

“What the righteous hope for will end in joy; what the wicked expect will come to nothing.”

Proverbs 10:28 CJB

When we trust in the LORD we have joy; when we trust in the world, we have nothing but stress and distress!

“For, Adonai, what you do makes me happy; I take joy in what Your hands have made.”

Psalm 92:4 CJB

Today, there is more than enough around us to stress us out and depress us, so let’s look to the LORD and be filled with His joy instead! Have a blessed day seeking Him!

Shabbat Shalom.

Give out!

“Therefore, you are to store up these words of Mine in your heart and in all your being; tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead.”

Deuteronomy 11:18 CJB

In other words the word of God should be on our hearts, in our minds and in our hands at all times! We also need to be ready to share His word with everyone and anyone.

“Teach them carefully to your children, talking about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Deuteronomy 11:19 CJB

We also need to be teaching the word to our kids and grandkids, not only by teaching, but also by living by it!

“Your word is a lamp for my foot and light on my path.”

Psalm 119:105 CJB

No matter what we are going through, good or bad, exciting or boring, whatever life brings you! The word of God will always get you through, by guiding you along the way! Have a blessed day taking in and giving out the word of God!

The LORD has you!

“You are to fear Adonai your God, serve Him, cling to Him and swear by His name.”

Deuteronomy 10:20 CJB

We need to fear the LORD, because we can’t live without Him. Cling to Him, attaching ourselves to the LORD, knowing He is holding unto us firmly.

“He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things, which you have seen with your own eyes.”

Deuteronomy 10:21 CJB

Even if things aren’t going well or you feel discouraged, just remember the victories that the LORD has given you in the past! Cling to Him and know He will do great things again!

“I remember the days of old, reflecting on all Your deeds, thinking about the work of Your hands.”

Psalm 143:5 CJB

Today, no matter where we are, just serve the LORD and cling to Him, knowing He’ll never let you down! Have a blessed day in Him!