“At that time you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and put to death, and all peoples will hate you because of me.”
Matthew 24:9 CJB

Understand the world hates you because of Yeshua (Jesus) and that hatred is growing!

“At that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other, many false prophets will appear and fool many people; and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah (God’s instruction).”
Matthew 24:10-12 CJB

We see this happening today, fake news, fake politicians and fake Bible teachers are everywhere! Many so called believers today distance themselves from Bible instructions. We all really need to be studying the word of God everyday!

“But whoever holds out till the end will be delivered. And the Good News about the Kingdom will be announced throughout the whole world as a witness to all the Goyim ( Nations). It is then that the end will come.”
Matthew 24:13-14 CJB

Today, no matter how bad it gets, remember the Good News is we belong to the LORD and He is going to deliver us, so hold on and keep sharing His Good News of Salvation!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom

The LORD is not corrupt

“Blind men! Which is more important? the sacrifice? or the altar which makes the sacrifice holy?”
Matthew 23:19 CJB

Here we see that they are not swearing on the altar, but the possessions on it! In other words, they’re with you until the gold is gone!

“Woe to you hypocritical Torah (Bible)-teachers and P`rushim! You clean the outside of the cup and the dish, but inside they are full of robbery and self-indulgence.”
Matthew 23:25 CJB

We have the same thing going on today, bad Bible teachers they are with you until the money is gone, who only minister when that can get and very rarely give!

“Likewise, you appear to people from the outside to be good and honest, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and far from Torah (instruction).”
Matthew 23:28 CJB

Today, we see the same things happening around us: greedy politicians, greedy Bible teachers and greedy media. The good news is the LORD is giving and free! We all need to be very careful and prayerful about everything we say and do!
Have a blessed day being on guard!

Cling to the LORD

“Then the king said to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and throw him outside in the dark! In that place people will wail and grind their teeth, for many are invited, but few are chosen.”
Matthew 22:13-14 CJB

Going to church, taking in a Bible study doesn’t make you born again! It’s only when we call on Yeshua and cling to Him! Really, everyone is called by the LORD, but very few accept.

“He told him, You are to love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. This the greatest and most important mitzvah (command). And a second is similar to it, You are to love your neighbor as yourself.”
Matthew 22:37-39 CJB

Once we get our lives wrapped around Yeshua (Jesus), we need to share that goodness with the world around us! No matter how wicked the world is, and it is rapidly getting worse, we need to be sharing the Good News of Salvation and inviting people to the LORD!

“But You, Adonai, are merciful, compassionate God, slow to anger and rich in grace and truth.”
Psalm 86:15 CJB

Today, realize we’ve been invited to the LORD’S wedding and it’s our job to invite more!
Have a bless day in the LORD!

The LORD sees

“Yeshua entered the Temple grounds and drove out those who were doing business there, both the merchants and their customers. He upset the desks of the money-changers and knocked over the benches of those who are selling pigeons.”
Matthew 21:12 CJB

Yeshua (Jesus) cleansed the temple in order to remove all the garbage, the fleecing of God’s people, misleading God’s people and abusing them with lies! The same needs to happen today!

“He said to them, It has been written, My house will be called a house of prayer. But you are making it into a den of robbers!”
Matthew 21:13 CJB

We, as believers, really need to be in prayer about all things! We also need to understand that the world we live in is rapidly going down the tubes as Yeshua said it would! But, don’t worry!

“Do you regard this house, which bears My name, as a cave for bandits? I can see for Myself what’s going on, says Adonai.”
Jeremiah 7:11 CJB

Today, as we see the world, the government and the church falling apart, realize, the LORD sees it also and really knows what’s going on! So take hope in knowing the LORD is gonna clean things up!
Have a blessed day in Him!

First in the LORD

“Thus the last ones will be first and the first last.”
Matthew 20:16 CJB

Two ways to look at this is the last one saved will get the same benefits as the first! The LORD loves all of us the same! The second way to look at this is we may seem like we finish last in life, but we will finish first in Heaven!

“Not many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”
Matthew 19:30 CJB

Often times in life we feel like we need to be first in line for alll kinds of things! What we need to be doing is putting the LORD first! Everything else will work out just fine!

“Give Adonai His, you who are godly; give Adonai His due of glory and strength; give Adonai the glory due His name; worship Adonai in holy splendor.”
Psalm 29:1-2 CJB

Today, don’t look at your position in life, but instead look to the LORD and your position with Him in Heaven, where you will be first! Also don’t worry about the evil people in the world. God will deal with them!

“When I tried to understand all this, I found it too hard for me-until I went into the sanctuaries of God and grasped what their destiny would be.”
Psalm 73:16-17 CJB

Again, don’t worry about your position in life, but focus on your position in Heaven!
Have a blessed day!