God saves

“Go and cry to the gods you chose; let them rescue you when you’re in trouble!”
Judges 10:14 CJB

Here is the problem when we serve other gods, when we fall into trouble, which we will, they can’t rescue us! Politicians, finances and celebrities only take, they never give!

“The people of Israel said to Adonai, We have sinned! Treat us in whatever seems good to you, but save us today, please!”
Judges 10:15 CJB

Unfortunately, this sounds like an all to familiar prayer after we play in the world and get burned, we call Adonai to save us! Which, fortunately, He does! Stay away from all the false gods of this world and stick with the only true God and serve Him only! Remember, He will never let you down!

“Please, Adonai! Save us! Please, Adonai! Rescue us!”
Psalm 118:25 CJB

Realize that we are so blessed that we serve a God who saves. He gave us Yeshua (which means God saves)! Today, let’s rely upon Adonai not the world!
Have a blessed day standing in the freedom we find in Yeshua!

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