Stay away from foolishness

“Thus Shlomo (Solomon) did what was evil in Adonai’s view and did not fully follow Adonai, as David his father had done.”
1 Kings 11:6 CJB

We all need to be careful of following God half- heartedly! Why? Because it will lead us into all kinds of troubles. Following foolish things creates unnecessary adversaries!

“Shlomo (Solomon) built a high place for K’mosh the abomination of Mo’av on the hill in front of Yerushalayim, and another for Molekh the abomination of the people of Amon. This is what he did for all his foreign wives, who then offered and sacrificed to their gods.”
1 Kings 11:7-8 CJB

We can fall into the trap of loving something worldly and then making accommodations for it! Be careful of this because this is where trouble will happen! How do we stay away from falling into foolish things? By being in His word!

“I treasure Your word in my heart, so that I won’t sin against You.”
Psalm 119:11 CJB

Today, let’s be in the word of God so we don’t fall into foolish things!
Have a blessed day!

Share about salvation!

“When the queen of Sh’va (Sheba) heard what was being said about Shlomo (Solomon) because of the name of Adonai, she came to test him with difficult questions.”
1 Kings 10:1 CJB

When the world hears that great things are being done in the name of Adonai they to come to ask questions, unfortunately they ask questions to try and trip you up! What we should do is still answer because there will always be one who really wants to hear the truth!

“Sing to Him, sing praises to Him, talk about all His wonders.”
Psalm 105:2 CJB

No matter how hard the world tries to trip us up, never give up sharing about Adonai!

“Come, let’s sing to Adonai! Let’s shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.”
Psalm 95:1 CJB

Today, don’t back down when it comes to sharing the good news of Adonai no matter how difficult the people around us can be!
Have a blessed day!

Adonai hears us

“Adonai said to him, I have heard your prayer and your plea that you made before me: I am consecrating this house which you built and placing my name there forever; My eyes and heart will always be there.”
1 Kings 9:3 CJB

What a great reminder for us that Adonai always hears us when we call upon Him! He does desire us to walk in His ways!

“Many peoples will go and say, Come, let’s go up to the mountain of Adonai, to the house of the God of Ya`akov (Jacob)! He will teach us about His ways, and we will walk in His paths. For out of Tziyon will go forth Torah (instruction), the word of Adonai from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem.)”
Isaiah 2:3 CJB and Micah 4:2 CJB

God, really does want us to learn from Him so we can walk in His ways! When we walk in His ways life will always be better!

“You are to fear Adonai your God, serve Him, cling to Him and swear by His name.”
Deuteronomy 10:20 CJB

In other words, we are to fear walking or doing anything without Adonai!
Today, let’s choose to be in total service to Adonai and cling to Him in everything we do!
Have a blessed day in Him!

Rest in Adonai

“But Adonai-it is He who will go ahead of you. He will be with you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you, so don’t be afraid or downhearted.”
Deuteronomy 31:8 CJB

No matter what our situation is, God is on the throne! We can have a financial disaster, a health crisis or a natural disaster, remember God is still on the throne!

“Haven’t I ordered you, ‘Be strong, be bold’? So don’t be afraid or downhearted, because Adonai your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 CJB

No matter how things may look around us, we need to always be reminded that Adonai is always right there with us, guiding us through the storms of life!

“In His presence are honor and majesty; in His place strength and joy.”
1 Chronicles 16:27 CJB

Today, we can have rough seas ahead of us or actually be in the rough waters now! Just remember God is right there with you, so don’t be afraid but instead rest in His strength and live in His joy!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom!

God can’t be boxed!

“But can God live on the earth? Why, heaven itself, even the heaven of heavens, cannot contain you; so how much less this house I have built?”
1 Kings 8:27 CJB

The answer is nothing can contain God, no matter how much we try to fit Him into our box, so to speak!

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways, says Adonai.”
Isaiah 55:8 CJB

Sad to say, we all try to make God fit our timeline or do things our way! No matter how hard we try or think that we can, it will never happen!

“As high as the sky is above the earth are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:9 CJB

Today, don’t try to make God fit into your plans, but instead fit into His! Remember, we can’t fit God in a box!
Have a blessed day doing life His way!
Shabbat Shalom!