Seek the LORD

“But an angel of Adonai said to Eliyahu from Tishbe, Get up. and intercept the messengers of the king of Shomron, and ask them, Is it because there’s no God in Israel that you’re on your way to consult Ba’al-Z’vuv the god of Ekron?”
2 Kings 1:3 CJB

Don’t seek the advice of the world before you seek the advice of the LORD! Always seek the LORD first!

“Seek Adonai and His strength; always seek His presence.”
Psalm 105:4 CJB

We will always be better off when we seek the LORD first in any situation! Get into a habit of talking to the LORD about everything!

“Pray regularly.”
1 Thessalonians 5:17 CJB

We need to make prayer and seeking the LORD a regular habit!

“Seek Adonai while He is available, call on Him while He is nearby.”
Isaiah 55:6 CJB

Don’t wait to call on the LORD, don’t look to worldly advice, but always call on the LORD first and wait for an answer!
Have a blessed day seeking the LORD, knowing He is always nearby!

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