Share the Good News

“After Shabbat, as the next day was dawning, Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam went to see the grave.”
Matthew 28:1 CJB

After we rest, we need to step out and the earlier the better, to share the Good News of Salvation. In other words, don’t wait! As much as we come and see, we should also go and tell!

“Sing to Adonai a new song! Sing to Adonai, all the earth! Sing to Adonai, bless His name! Proclaim His victory day after day!”
Psalm 96:1-2 CJB

Yes, we need to hear and take in the Good News of the LORD, but we need to also share and live it!

“Don’t deceive yourselves by only hearing what the Word says, but do it!”
James 1:22 CJB

Today, after we rest and hear, let’s go out and do and share! Be careful of just telling people about the LORD, but let’s also be doers in the LORD!
Have a blessed day hearing, sharing and doing!

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