Time is short

“The time came for Adonai to take Eliyahu up into heaven in a whirlwind. Eliyahu and Elisha were on their way to Gilgal.”
2 Kings 2:1 CJB

Our time to be taken up to be with the LORD will happen soon enough! So we need to make our time here count for the LORD!

“Sing to Adonai, all the earth! Proclaim His victory day after day!”
1 Chronicles 16:23 CJB

As the day fast approaches for the LORD to call us home, we need to make every moment count for Him!

“May the glory of Adonai last forever! May Adonai rejoice in His works!”
Psalm 104:31 CJB

Today, realize, time is really short and we need to use it wisely to glorify the LORD!
Have a blessed day glorifying Him!

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