“Some of the heads of fathers clans, when they came to the house of Adonai in Yerushalayim, made voluntary offerings for rebuilding the house of God on its site.”
Ezra 2:68 CJB

How much and how often do we voluntarily give to Adonai? Or do we just give the bare minimums? The more we give, praying, serving and money, the more God’s kingdom will grow!

“Give Adonai His due, you who are godly; give Adonai His due glory and strength.”
Psalm 29:1 CJB

No matter how we look at it, we need to be giving everything we can to God! Why? Because He has given us everything! The biggest thing is we are not going to spend eternity in hell, but instead we get to spend eternity dwelling with Adonai!

“On that day you will say, Give thanks to Adonai! Call on His name! Make His deeds known among the peoples, declare how exalted is His name.”
Isaiah 12:4 CJB

What day? Everyday, because it is a gift from God! So today, let’s willingly give God all our praise, all the glory and all the thanks we can give!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom!

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