Call to God

“Here is what Koresh(Cyrus) king of Persia says: Adonai, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms on earth; and he has charged me to build Him a house in Yerushalayim, in Y’hudah.”
Ezra 1:2 CJB

In other words, God is in control of all things and it is He who can give or take away! Here we see the king of Persia, Cyrus, acknowledging that!

“The earth is Adonai’s, with all that is in it, the world and those who live there.”
Psalm 24:1 CJB

All things belong to God, which means we also belong to Him! This is why we should worship Him and give Him glory for all things! Also we need to call out to Him for direction in everything we do!

“Bless our God, you peoples! Let the sound of His praise be heard!”
Psalm 66:8 CJB

Today, let’s be all about praising God! Why? Because everything belongs to Him and we get to be part of His glorious kingdom!
Have a blessed day praising God!

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