Be on guard

“One time Dinah the daughter of Le’ah, whom she had borne to Ya`akov, went out to visit the local girls.”
Genesis 34:1 CJB

Dinah’s choice to mingle with the local girls turns out to be a disaster! The result of hanging out with the worldly girls is she gets raped! These things happen to us when we desire to be part of worldliness. It usually ends up in disaster! One bad decision usually leads to another as we will see here.

“Only on this condition will we consent to what you are asking: that you become like us by having every male among you get circumcised. Then we’ll give our daughters to you, and we’ll take your daughters for ourselves, and we’ll live with you and become one people.”
Genesis 34:15-16 CJB

As this story goes the unbelieving Sh’khem (Shechem the unbeliever) decides he really likes Dinah (the believer) and wants to marry her! By doing this they’ll all become one people and live in peace and harmony! This usually never works out! People go through the ritual of being a believer (getting circumcised here) but don’t really mean it! Then once they get what they want, they leave, moving on to shinier things!

“If we claim to have fellowship with Him while we are walking in the darkness, we are lying and not living out the truth.”
1 John 1:6 CJB

Today, we all need to be on guard of mingling in the world. It may seem harmless at first, but it can turn and bite you! Look what happened here: rape, then deceit and then murder! We need to be on guard with worldly people and stick with the LORD and have fellowship with His people!
May your day be richly blessed!

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