God works everything out!

Here it is: there will be seven years of abundance throughout the whole land of Egypt; but afterwards, there will come seven years of famine; and Egypt will forget all the abundance. The famine will consume the land, and the abundance will not be known in the land because of the famine that will follow, because it will be utterly terrible.”
Genesis 41:29-31 CJB

Good or bad in this life everything comes to and end and then something new begins! We see here seven years of abundance and seven years of famine which both came to and end! Same goes for our situations also!

“Futhermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with His purpose.”
Romans 8:28 CJB

Even the things in life that we deem bad like famine, God will always turn to something perfect! In that it gives us a great testimony to share how great He is!

“How great are Your deeds, Adonai! How very deep Your thoughts!”
Psalm 92:5 CJB

Today, don’t get all caught up in the events of the world, because no matter how bad they may be, God has a perfect plan! Know that all things come to an end and God uses that to start something new and beautiful!
Have a blessed day using every situation to glorify the LORD!
Shabbat Shalom!

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