God is the creator

“So, since we are children of God, we shouldn’t suppose that God’s essence resembles gold, silver or stone shaped by human technique and imagination.”

Acts 17:29 CJB

God being the creator of the universe, we need to remember, He made us also! We see this happening all around us, from unbelievers to even believers, trying to make God fit their image of how they imagine Him to be!

“I am the one who made earth! I created human beings on it! I-My hands-stretched out the heavens, and directed all their number.”

Isaiah 45:12 CJB

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are created and the LORD is the author and finisher of our lives!”Our help is in the name of Adonai, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Psalm 124:8 CJB

Today, don’t get caught up in worldly imaginations or human thinking, but instead get caught up in the LORD!Have a blessed day in Him!

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