Look to the LORD

“When they came to the frontier of Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia; but the Spirit of Yeshua would not let them.”
Acts 16:7 CJB

We have to realize sometimes that the LORD closes doors for our own protection! A closed door only means an open door somewhere else!

“A furious windstorm arose, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was close to being swamped.”
Mark 4:37 CJB

Also when doors are closed we can still try to open them! So the LORD may send a storm, which life is filled with! We have storms of protection, storms that correct us and storms that direct or guide us, but closed doors and storms can and do direct us closer to the LORD!

“From the end of the earth, with fainting heart, I call out to you. Set me down on a Rock far above where I am now.”
Psalm 61:2 CJB

No matter how many storms or closed doors we run into, all we have to do is call on the LORD and He will lead us to Him who is higher than all! So don’t look at the storm or closed door, but look to the LORD!
Have a blessed day looking to the LORD!

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