Trust Adonai

“When the other talmidim told him, We have seen the LORD, he replied, Unless I see the nail marks in His hands, put my finger into the place where the nails were and put my hands into His side, I refuse to believe it.”
John 20:25 CJB

We all can be like Thomas and doubt the LORD from time to time and need to see evidence of His existence from time to time!

“Instantly the father of the child exclaimed, I do trust-help my lack of trust.”
Mark 9:24 CJB

Like this father and even Thomas, we can believe. We just need to see something to encourage us or help our lack of trust!

“So trust comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through a word proclaimed about Messiah.”
Romans 10:17 CJB

Today, if you’re feeling a bit out of it, feeling beat up or just lacking in the faith department, good news you’re not alone. We all fail at that from time to time! The best thing we can do is spend some time with the LORD. He will meet you and encourage you!
Have a blessed day holding onto the LORD!

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