Praise the LORD

“On hearing this, Pilate tried to find a way to set Him free; but the Judeans shouted, If you set this man free, it means you’re not a Friend of the Emperor! Everyone who claims to be a king is opposing the Emperor!”
John 19:12 CJB

Nothing has changed, people are still trying to kick Yeshua out of every public place and diminish Him as King!

“You are to have no other gods before Me.”
Deuteronomy 5:7 CJB

As we see the public, government and even the church trying to remove Yeshua from everywhere, we believers need to stay strong and keep lifting the LORD up!

“Fools say in their hearts, There is no God. They deal corruptly, their deeds are vile, not one does what is right.”
Psalm 14:1 CJB

Today, even though the world is rejecting the LORD at every turn, we need to step in the gap and praise Him everywhere!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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