Be a harvesters

“Then He said to His talmidim (disciples), The harvest is rich, but the workers are few.”
Matthew 9:37 CJB

The same goes today, many believers try to witness or instruct other believers instead of sharing with non-believers! What we need to be doing is going out and seeking the lost and share the Good News of Salvation!

“Sing to Adonai, bless His name! Proclaim His victory day after day!”
Psalm 96:2 CJB

We all really need to get out and share about Yeshua (Jesus) with everyone and anyone we can! Don’t get caught up in messy worldly events, but share the love of the LORD instead!

“Pray that the LORD of the harvest will send out workers to gather in His harvest.”
Matthew 9:38 CJB

The good news is we are the workers for the LORD and we get to go out and share!
Have a blessed day harvesting with the LORD!

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