Cling to the LORD

“At this, the whole town came out to meet Yeshua. When they saw Him, they begged Him to leave their district.”
Matthew 8:34 CJB

At what? Jesus just cast out the demons into the swine. Instead of the people being happy that the demon-possessed man was healed, they were more concerned about their financial losses! Same happens today. People call on the LORD when in need and then ask Him to leave when He conflicts with their life!

“For Adonai, God, is a sun and shield; Adonai bestows favor and honor; He will not withhold anything good from those whose lives are pure.”
Psalm 84:11 CJB

We all need to be careful of looking at God as some kind of wish grantor! He does bless us with many different things! Salvation is the biggest one, being cleansed and being healed from sin! With that said: He does desire us to walk in His ways, doing life His way!

“Make me hear of Your love in the morning, because I rely on You. Make me know the way I should walk, because I entrust myself to You.”
Psalm 143:8 CJB

Today, let’s be believers who always rely upon the LORD for our every step and every need!
May your day be richly blessed in Him!

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