Live for the LORD

“A human being, born from a woman, lives a short, trouble-filled life. He comes up like a flower and withers away, flees like a shadow, doesn’t last.”
Job 14:1-2 CJB

What truth here, we are born, we live and then we die. That sounds a bit depressing, but it’s all on how we use this life! Yes, this life is full of all kinds of troubles, some small, some big, but remember the LORD is with us all the way!

“Since his days are fixed in advance, the number of his months is known to You, and You have fixed the limits which he can’t cross.”
Job 14:5 CJB

We may live twenty, forty or even eighty years. If we think about it, it’s nothing compared to the millennia of the world’s existence, basically just a drop in the bucket, so to speak! So let’s make it count!

“Sing praises to Adonai, who lives in Tziyon; proclaim His deeds among the peoples.”
Psalm 9:11 CJB

Today, let’s step up and step out for the LORD, knowing time is short!
May your day be richly blessed!

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