Careful of what you hear

“But you, what you do is whitewash with lies; you are all witch doctors!”
Job 13:4 CJB

Love what Job is saying here to his friends. What do you know? Then he calls them a bunch of witch doctors, basically snake oil salesmen! We see the same today from politicians, scientists and unfortunately some ministry leaders, filling our heads with a bunch of useless information!

“”I wish you would just stay silent; for you, that would be wisdom!”
Job 13:5 CJB

What Job is saying here is if you want to look wise, just shut up! That is some good advice for all of us, it would be better to just be quiet!

“If He examines you, will it go well? Can you deceive Him, as one man deceives another?”
Job 13:9 CJB

Understand, we can’t get away with anything with God, so why try? Today, let’s all be careful of what we say and do, knowing the LORD knows and sees all! Let’s also be careful of what we listen to.
Have a blessed day in Him!

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