The LORD is with you

“I am just worn out. By my life [ I swear], I will never abandon my complaint; I will speak out in my soul’s bitterness.”
Job 10:1 CJB

We also can feel worn out and never getting away from the awful situations we are dealing with! Does it ever end?

“I will say to God, Don’t condemn me! Tell me why You are contending with me.”
Job 10:2 CJB

Again, when we are dealing with the stuff of life, we can feel like we are condemned. The good news is that in Jesus we are saved! When we deal with things in life, the LORD is with us, getting us through and using the situations to help us grow!

“Even if I pass through death-dark ravines, I will fear no disaster; for You are with me; Your rod and staff reassure me.”
Psalm 23:4 CJB

Today, no matter how dark it may look, the LORD is right by our side, getting us through life to be with Him!
May the LORD brighten your day!

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