You can’t win against God

“Then Iyov (Job) responded: Indeed, I know that this is so; but how can a human win a case against God?”
Job 9:1-2 CJB

No human or any other being can win against God, but yet men still try!

“Whoever might want to argue with Him could not answer Him one in a thousand.”
Job 9:3 CJB

Job is 100% right, no one can answer one question of God. He is all knowing and perfect! So why do we argue with God?

“His heart is so wise, His strength so great-who can resist Him and succeed?”
Job 9:4 CJB

Today, let’s stand on the side of the LORD, the only way we can have real success is by walking in His ways! Be careful of arguing or trying to get our own way, it never works out!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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