Just love

“May Adonai judge between you and me, and may Adonai avenge me on you! But I will not lay a hand on you-as the old saying has it, Out of the wicked comes wickedness, but I will not lay a hand on you.”

1 Samuel 24:13-14 CJB

In other words, the LORD is the judge of all things and it isn’t our responsibility!

“Say among the nations, Adonai is king! The world is firmly established, immovable. He will judge the peoples fairly.”

Psalm 96:10 CJB

Life is always easier when we just love people and not judge them! The LORD really has this area covered, so we don’t have to!

“Don’t owe anyone anything-except to love one another; for whoever loves his fellow human being has fulfilled Torah.”

Romans 13:8 CJB

Today, let’s not judge, but instead just love!

Have a blessed day walking in the love of the LORD!

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