Do what the LORD says

” David consulted Adonai again; and Adonai answered him, Set out, and go down to Ke’ilah, because I will hand the P’lishtim (Philistine) over to you.”

1 Samual 23:4 CJB

This is the second time David inquires of the LORD about going to Ke’ilah and the LORD says go. Do we ask the samething of the LORD after He already answered us?

“I am Adonai your God; live by my laws, observe my rulings, and obey them.”

Ezekiel 20:19 CJB

When we call on the LORD and inquire His direction, we need to do what He says. He will never mislead us!

“Guide me in Your truth, and teach me; for you are the God who saves me, my hope is in You all day long.”

Psalm 25:5 CJB

Today, seek the LORD and do as He says, don’t fall into the trap of questioning His direction or instructions for us! Just simply do as He says!

Have a blessed day!

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