Focus on the LORD

“After this, he fell in love with a woman who lived in Sorek Valley, whose name was D’lilah.”

Judges 16:4 CJB

This is the final downfall of Samson. His falling didn’t happen overnight, it happened a little at a time! With that said, we also need to be careful of what worldly things we allow in!

“How happy is everyone who fears Adonai, who lives by His ways.”

Psalm 128:1 CJB

If we want peace and safety, we will always be better off when we simply walk with the LORD! The world around us may be a mess, but we won’t be!

“Adonai is righteous in all His ways, full of grace in all He does.”

Psalm 145:17 CJB

We will never be sorry when we just walk in the ways of the LORD! Don’t get caught up in worldly traps, simply just walk away! May your day be blessed in the LORD!

Shabbat Shalom.

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