Just love people

“Shimshon said to them, I will certainly have my revenge on you for doing such a thing; but after I do, I’ll stop.”

Judges 15:7 CJB

Here we see Samson not doing what the LORD commissioned him to do, but instead he avenges himself! The problem with revenge and getting back at people is once we start it’s hard to stop!

“Adonai is a jealous and vengeful God. Adonai avenges; He knows how to be angry. Adonai takes vengeance on His foes and stores up wrath for His enemies.”

Nahum 1:2 CJB

It is so freeing when we just get out of the LORD’s way and walk in His ways, letting Him deal with people! He will deal justly with everyone and He has it all covered, so we can just walk away!

“Don’t owe anyone anything-except to love one another; for whoever loves his fellow human being has fulfilled Torah.”

Romans 13:8 CJB

Life is so much easier when we don’t judge, hold grudges or seek revenge on people! God really has it all covered, so just have a blessed day just showing the love of the LORD to those around us!

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