Don’t look like the world!

“Nevertheless, Yoshiyahu(Josiah) was determined to go after him. He disguised himself in order to fight against him and wouldn’t listen to what N’kho said, which was from the mouth of God. Then he went to fight in Meggiddo Valley.”
2 Chronicles 35:22 CJB

Anytime we go against God we find ourselves trying to disguise ourselves by looking like the ordinary world! Here we see as great as king Josiah was in his last act he disguises himself and ends up being killed in a battle, that he had no business being in! We need to be very careful of doing the same thing!

“There archers shot King Yoshiyahu. The king said to his servants, Take me away, because I’m badly wounded.”
2 Chronicles 35:23

The best way to not get wounded by worldly situations is to simply just stay out of them! Don’t disguise yourself by looking like the rest of the world!

“See how the wicked are drawing their bows and setting their arrows on the string, to shoot from the shadows at honest men.”
Psalm 11:2 CJB

Today, remember the wicked world can’t wait to shoot you, so the best thing to do is stay out of worldly conflicts and stay under the wings of Adonai! We all will get attacked by the world, but we will have less chances of being wounded if we stay out of worldly conflicts!
Have a blessed day seeking Adonai!

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