He appears

“I will bring you into the land which I swore to give to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov-I will give it to you as an inheritance. I am Adonai.”
Exodus 6:8 CJB

We see here in this verse that God keeps His promises! How do we know that? The Jewish people are living in this same land today, thousands of years later!

“For I say that Messiah became a servant of the Jewish people in order to show God’s truthfulness by making good His promises to the Patriarchs.”
Romans 15:8 CJB

As God does in every situation, He keeps His promises and He appears right on time in every situation! He doesn’t serve to deliver all our pleasures, but He became a servant to save our souls!

“Avraham called the place Adonai Yir’eh [Adonai will see (to it), Adonai provides]- as it is said to this day, On the mountain Adonai is seen.”
Genesis 22:14 CJB

We should know this story. Abraham prepares to sacrifice Isaac, but at the last minute God provides a ram, just like He provided Himself for all man-kind!
Today, realize God will always appear and provide right on time! Why? Because He always keeps His promises!
Have a blessed day in Adonai!
Shabbat Shalom!

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