Share the word of God

“They taught in Y’hudah (Judah), having a scroll of the Torah of Adonai with them; they circulated through all the cities of Y’hudah, teaching among the people.”
2 Chronicles 17:9 CJB

Here we see Jehoshaphat starting a “thru the Bible program”! If we want to see revival through the land, it starts with simply just teaching the Bible. Then see how the word of God washes people and leads them to repentance!

“Restore my joy in Your salvation, and let a willing spirit uphold me. Then I will teach the wicked Your ways, and sinners will return to You.”
Psalm 51:14-15 CJB

We are all called to share the word of God with those around us! It is His word that leads man to repentance!

“How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.”
Psalm 119:9 CJB

Today, realize you don’t need to be a Bible Scholar to share the word of God! Just simply share His word with those around you! God will do the rest!
Have a blessed day sharing His word!

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