Get in the Word

“Now the P’lishtim (Philistines) pressed their attack on Israel; and the men of Israel fled before the P’lishtim, leaving their dead on Mount Gilboa.”
1 Chronicles 10:1 CJB

Here we see Saul do everything God told him not to do and now he and those who followed them were left dead on Mount Gilboa! Every time we go against God we will fall into the hands of our enemy! What do we do to not fall in the same trap?

“I treasure Your word in my heart, so that I won’t sin against You.”
Psalm 119:11 CJB

We can’t just treasure the word of God we also need to obey it!

“Don’t deceive yourselves by only hearing what the Word says, but do it!”
James 1:22 CJB

Today, let’s not be like Saul and ignore the word of God, but instead let’s hear it and do it!
Have a blessed day!

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