Sin has a price

“There in Rivah, in the land of Hamat, the king of Bavel had them put to death. Thus Y’hudah was carried away captive out of his land.”
2 Kings 25:21 CJB

This is the ultimate curse, being carried away captive, taken from your home and enslaved in a foreign land! God warned them and us about being disobedient!

“You I will disperse among the nations, and I will draw out among the sword in pursuit after you; your land will be a desolation and your cities a wasteland.”
Leviticus 26:33 CJB

Not to sound depressing, but the more disobedient the world gets the larger the consequences will be! The only hope is Yeshua (Jesus)!

“Put your hope in Adonai, be strong, and let your heart take courage! Yes, put your hope in Adonai!”
Psalm 27:14 CJB

Today, as ugly as the world around us gets, the more we need to be thankful for the salvation we have in Yeshua (Jesus)! He really is all we need and who we need to put all our hope in!
Have a blessed day in Adonai!

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