Worship Adonai

“Y’hoyada (Jehoiada) made a covenant between Adonai, the king and the people, that they would be Adonai’s people, and
[a covenant] between the king and the people.”
2 Kings 11:17 CJB

Are we Adonai’s people? Do we worship Him and only Him? This is what was happening to the people here. They were worshipping God one day and then worshipping the world the rest of the week and they were trying to make things right! We need to get rid of the godless things that distract us and worship God only!

“Hear, my people, while I give you warning! Israel, if you would only listen to me!”
Psalm 81:8 CJB

We also need to listen to Adonai and worship only Him, we will always be better off!

“There is not to be with you any foreign god; you are not to worship an alien god.”
Psalm 81:9 CJB

Today, let’s look and see if there is anything that needs to be removed and remove it!
Have a blessed day worshipping Adonai!

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