Don’t be bossy

“The king sent a third commander of fifty, with his fifty men. The third commander of fifty climbed up, approached Eliyahu and fell on his knees before him. He pleaded with him: Man of God, please! Have some regard for my life and the lives of these fifty servants of yours!”
2 Kings 1:13 CJB

Here we see that the first two commanders demanded Elijah come and they were burnt up! This third commander asks Elijah to come and Elijah does after Adonai says ok! Here we see mercy when we ask God, not make commands and demands of God!

“Has God forgotten to be compassionate? Has He in anger withheld His mercy?”
Psalm 77:9 CJB

The answer to this is no! It is we who forget to be compassionate and kind from time to time!

“Give thanks to God of gods, for His grace continues forever.”
Psalm 136:2 CJB

Today, As Adonai is merciful and gracious to us, so we should be merciful and gracious to others also!
Have a blessed day reflecting the mercies of Yeshua!

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