God sees all

“Ach’av (Ahab) said to Eliyahu (Elijah), My enemy! You’ve found me! He answered, Yes, I have found you; because you have given yourself over to do what is evil from Adonai’s perspective.”
1 Kings 21:20 CJB

Here we see Ahab probably believed he got away with murder and got what he wanted! Problem is: God sees and knows everything!

“Don’t delude yourselves: no one makes a fool of God! A person reaps what he sows.”
Galatians 6:7 CJB

Don’t think you can have a God—centered life and then have a sneaky, ungodly life! Understand you will be found out! Life is always going to be better when we simply walk and live in Gods ways!

“Doing Your will, my God, is my joy; Your Torah (instruction) is my inmost being.”
Psalm 40:8 CJB

Today, let’s live openly before Adonai and don’t think you can live a secret life, because you won’t get away with it!
Have a blessed day!

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