Be complete

“Then he said to the king, Here is what Adonai says: Because you have let escape the man I had given over to be destroyed, you will pay with your life for his life and with your people for his people.”
1 Kings 20:42 CJB

How often does Adonai give us victories, but we don’t complete them? This is what happened here. Adonai gave Ahab victory over Syria, but he just didn’t finish the job!

“He did what was right from Adonai’s perspective, but not wholeheartedly.”
2 Chronicles 25:2 CJB

When Adonai gives us instruction we need to wholeheartedly and completely do as He asks!

“How happy are those who observe His instruction, who seek Him wholeheartedly!”
Psalm 119:2 CJB

Today, we need to look to completing and finishing everything that God gives us to do! Remember, He completely saved us and that should encourage us to not give up!
May your day be filled with blessings completing the tasks of God!
Shabbat Shalom!

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