Look for God

“When Hiram heard Shlomo’s (Solomon’s) message, he was very happy and said, Blessed be Adonai today, who has given David a wise son to rule this great people.”
1 Kings 5:21 CJB

Anytime we hear the good things Adonai is doing in a place or through someone we should be excited and want to get on board, joining in on what Adonai is doing!

“This has come from Adonai, and in our eyes it is amazing.”
Psalm 118:23 CJB

If we are watching and searching, we can always find Adonai is doing amazing things that we can be part of!

“How great are His signs! How powerful His wonders! His kingdom lasts forever, and He rules all generations.”
Daniel 3:33 CJB

Today, look for what Adonai is doing and when you see it, jump in and be part of His wonderful works!
Have a blessed day serving Adonai!

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