Listen to Gods warnings

“David and all the people with him got up and crossed the Yarden; by dawn every one of them had crossed the Yarden.”
2 Samuel 17:22 CJB

Here we see David being warned and then moving on. God gives us all warnings and often times we don’t listen! We need to be giving ear to Adonai, who through His word is constantly warning us!

“Your word is a lamp for my foot and a light to my path.”
Psalm 119:105 CJB

The best way not to get trapped or caught up in nonsense is to be in the word of God constantly for direction and warnings!

“For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear.”
2 Timothy 4:3 CJB

Today, more than ever we need to be in the word of God and doing what it instructs us to do!
Have a blessed day digging into God’s word!

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