Look to God

“Davis said to Natan, I have sinned against Adonai. Natan said to David, Adonai also has taken away your sin. You will not die.”
2 Samuel 12:13 CJB

Here we see David confess and repent! He didn’t try to justify or rationalize his sin he just confessed and repented! In turn God shows His ultimate graciousness and doesn’t kill him as He should, but instead forgives him! With that said David isn’t getting away with anything he still loses his son! Why? Because sin has consequences!

“He declares before everyone, I sinned; I perverted what was right, and it gained me nothing.”
Job 33:27 CJB

While we are sinning we need to understand we can’t get away with it and in the long run it gains us nothing!

“For what one earns from sin is death; but eternal life is what one receives as a free gift from God, in union with the Messiah Yeshua, our LORD.”
Romans 6:23 CJB

When we continue in sin we are doomed! But when we are living for Yeshua we live in peace!
Today, let’s put our lives in the gracious hands of Yeshua!
Have a blessed day living in His peace!

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