Watch out for deception!

“You know Avner (Abner) the son of Ner-he came only to deceive you, to learn what campaigns you’re planning and to find out everything you’re doing!”
2 Samuel 3:25 CJB

The truth is there are many people out there who will be nice and kind only to deceive you!

“But they tried to deceive him with their words, they lied to him with their tongues.”
Psalm 78:36 CJB

We need to be people who are always checking for truth, being careful not to fall into deception which is around every corner!

“Open your ears, and come to me; listen well, and you will live-I will make an everlasting covenant with you, the grace I assured David.”
Isaiah 55:3 CJB

Today, let’s be all about seeking Adonai and His truths and we will be able to spot deceptive people a lot easier!
Have a blessed day in Adonai.

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