God is all we need

“So when David and his men arrived at the city, there it was, burned down, with their wives, sons and daughters taken captive.”
1 Samuel 30:3 CJB

David goes from being hunted, rejected and now everything is taken away from him! His men want to stone him to death and what does he do next? He calls on Adonai!

“David was in serious trouble: the people were talking about stoning him to death, because all the people were in such deep grief, each man over his sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in Adonai his God.”
1 Samuel 30:6 CJB

When we hit the proverbial wall or our back is up against it, what do we do? Do we call on God? Or do we reach out to everything and everybody we can? We need to call on God first and then wait for Him to answer!

“On the day of my trouble I am calling on you, for you will answer me.”
Psalm 86:7 CJB

We all have things in life that will blind side us! What we need to do is not panic, but simply call on Adonai and wait for Him to answer, because He always answers!
Have a blessed day resting in the peace only God can give!

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