“Stay with me; don’t be afraid; because the one who is seeking my life seeks yours too. You’ll be safe with me.”
1 Samuel 22:23 CJB

Like David, who was running from the evil world that was trying to kill him, so were many other people and they all seemed to gather unto one another with Adonai at the center of them!

“Say: Save us, God who can save us! Gather and rescue us from the nations; so that we can thank Your Holy Name and glory in praising You.”
1 Chronicles 16:35 CJB

In my personal opinion, I see this very thing happening in our country and, quite frankly, the world where persecution is coming! The best thing we can do is gather together in the name of Adonai!

“Assemble, come and gather together, you refugees from nations! Those carrying their wooden idols are ignorant, they pray to a god that cannot save.”
Isaiah 45:20 CJB

Today, realize we are refugees, aliens and homeless people waiting to be gathered up with Adonai in His home! The world that attacks are just godless people worshipping worthless gods that cannot save!
The Good News is we are saved and belong to Adonai!
Have a blessed day rejoicing in our salvation!

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