Step out

“The descendants of Yosef replied, The hills won’t be enough for us; and all the Kenaani living in the valleys have iron chariots-both those in Beit-Sh'an and its villages and those in the Yizreel Valley.”
Joshua 17:16 CJB

The first complaint here is we don’t have enough and the second one is getting what we need has too many obstacles! Adonai says you have what you need to conquer the obstacles before you and we always have enough!

“The lover of money never has enough money; the lover of luxury never has enough income. This too is pointless.”
Ecclesiastes 5:9 CJB

We all can want more or even complain that we can’t get to where we need to be because of obstacles, but God says I have given you everything you need! We just need to stop whining about things and start just doing!

“For Adonai, God, is a sun and a shield; Adonai bestows favor and honor; He will not withold anything good from those whose lives are pure.”
Psalm 84:11 CJB

Today, remember the answer for everything we need is found in Yeshua! So let’s look to Him today who will supply all our needs!
Have a blessed day!

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