Do you feel old

“Now Y’hoshua was old; the years had taken their toll. Adonai said to him, you are old, and the years have taken their toll; but there is yet a great deal of land to be possessed.”
Joshua 13:1 CJB

Maybe this is exactly how you feel today! Old, tired and worn out! Realize, if you are still on earth then Adonai isn’t done with you here and has more for you to do!

“It is God who girds me with strength; He makes my way go straight.”
Psalm 18:33 CJB

We may feel tired and worn out, but what we need to do is look to Adonai who strengthens us!

“Adonai, Adonai, my saving strength, my helmet shielding my head in battle.”
Psalm 140:7 CJB

Today, if you’re feeling useless or stressed out, remember Adonai still has a plan for you and will give you the strength to get you through!
Have a blessed day in Him!
Shabbat Shalom!

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