God loves us

“Manoach said to his wife, We will surely die, because we have seen God!”
Judges 13:22 CJB

We can feel like this at times because we’ve seen or done something wrong, we think God will take us out or stop loving us!

“But his wife said to him, If Adonai had wanted to kill us, he wouldn’t have accepted a burnt offering from us, and He wouldn’t have shown us all this or told us such things at this time.”
Judges 13:23 CJB

Here is the reality, God is way more gracious than we can ever imagine. Yes, He could take us out at any time! But He desires us to grow and learn more about Him everyday! All He wants is us surrendering to Him!

“Be gracious to me, Adonai because I am withering away; heal me, Adonai, because my bones are shaking.”
Psalm 6:2 CJB

Today, remember even if we feel like God has left us, hates us or even wants to destroy us, remember none of that is true! God is madly in love with you, rejoice in His salvation!
May you be encouraged in Adonai today!
Shabbat Shalom!

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