God rolls away sin

“When all the nation had been circumcised, every one of them, they stayed where they were in camp until they had healed.”
Joshua 5:8 CJB

Circumcision is a picture of removing the flesh or sin, showing you are serious about following God. Before the children of Israel can move into the promised land, this flesh needed to be removed! Notice God then gives them time to rest and heal after the removal!

“Adonai said to Y’hoshua, Today I have rolled off from you the stigma of Egypt. This is why the place has been called Gilgal [rolling] ever since.”
Joshua 5:9 CJB

Once the flesh has been removed, God renews and restores! Egypt is always a picture of the world, living in the flesh and lusting after it! Let’s be so glad that Adonai rolls away the flesh for us so we can live for Him!

“Adonai is alive! Blessed is my Rock! Exalted be God, the Rock of my salvation.”
2 Samuel 22:47 CJB

Today, don’t get caught up in the flesh of Egypt, instead allow God to roll it away and then be caught up in Him!
Have a blessed day rejoicing in Yeshua, who rolled away our flesh!

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