Look for Rahabs

“The two men had not yet lain down when she returned to the roof and said to them, I know that Adonai has given the land. Fear of you has fallen on us; everyone in the land is terrified at the thought of you.”
Joshua 2:8-9 CJB

I believe the world around us has a certain fear of Adonai, whether they admit it or not! The problem is the world doesn’t desire to submit unto Him, but instead fights His people in hopes of removing God from the world! We just need to look for the Rahabs who want to join with God’s people and not fear the ones trying to destroy us!

“Truly Adonai has handed over all the land to us, they told Y`hoshua. Everyone in the land is terrified that we’re coming.”
Joel 2:24 CJB

One thing most of the world fears is death, because it is the unknown. We, as believers, know or at least should know that when we breathe our last breath here we will breath our first breathe in the promised land with Adonai! Again, our jobs are to find the Rahabs who want to join us! So today, let’s spy out the land, looking for them!

“All day long my mouth will tell of Your righteous deeds and acts of salvation, though their number is past my knowing.”
Psalm 71:15 CJB

Today, share Good News of Salvation, there are people who still want to hear about it!
Have a blessed day looking for Rahabs!

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