Call on Adonai

“Then I pleaded with Adonai.”
Deuteronomy 3:23 CJB

Here we see Moshe pleading with Adonai to let him cross the Jordan, but God still said no! We need to spend time pleading with Adonai, even when don’t get what we want, God gives us what we need! So let’s be like Moshe and accept what He says!

“I called to You, Adonai; to Adonai I pleaded for mercy.”
Psalm 30:8 CJB

We should be spending as much time as we can calling on Adonai, He will answer us in everything. Its going to be yes, no or keep calling!

“On the day of my trouble I am calling on You, for You will answer me.”
Psalm 86:7 CJB

Today, take the time to call on Adonai, He always gives an answer, we need to just keep calling.
Have a blessed day in Him!

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