God guides

“But the people of Israel said to Moshe, Oh no! We’re dead men! Lost! We’re all lost!”
Numbers 17:27 CJB

This is so true. Without Adonai we are all dead men and lost! Seeing the things happening in the world around us can make us even feel more lost.

“But as for me, I lost my balance, my feet nearly slipped.”
Psalm 73:2 CJB

This can be a daily feeling, slipping and losing our balance! What keeps us from slipping and losing our balance? The answer is Yeshua!

“God, restore us! Make your face shine, and we will be saved.”
Psalm 80:3 CJB

Today, realize we are all dead men walking without Adonai! The only thing that can save us is Yeshua!
Have a blessed day seeking Yeshua!

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