“Sometimes the cloud was a few days over the tabernacle; according to Adonai’s order, they remained in camp; and according to Adonai’s oder, they traveled.”
Numbers 9:20 CJB

What a great way to travel during the day when they traveled Adonai shaded them and during the night as they slept they were covered with warmth! The same goes for us when we do as Adonai instructs, we are covered in His comfort!

In my distress my comfort is this: that your promise gives me life.”
Psalm 119:50 CJB

Life can be very stressful and uncomfortable, but with Adonai there is comfort! Why? Because He comforts us with His covering day and night!

“Let Your grace comfort me, in keeping with Your promise to Your servant.”
Psalm 119:76 CJB

Today, know that Adonai has His cloud of comfort over us day and night!
Have a blessed day!

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